Glo launch in Romania

I am a proud member of the Creative Team from Geometry Global who helped to launch Glo in Romania (first launch in European Union country), after Japan, Russia and Switzerland. Concept and execution, ATL and BTL, I was always where brand creativity has challenged us.

Illustrations for children’s books

  I designed and created the illustrations and the layout for the latest Captain Ront children’s novel by Vlad Stoiculescu, published in 2016 by the Integral Publishing House.

BASF campaign

Head: Journey into the heart of innovation Explores the BASF micro-technology!

An awareness campaign for Fortifikat/Terapia-Sunpharma

Fortifikat forte – A liver damage and dietary supplements to outline the idea that the “age” of the liver is usually bigger than the age of that person if you abuse yourself with alcohol, cigarettes and lack of rest.

Special project, Romanian Police

Special project for Romanian Police PROBLEM: Car drivers park their car on the sidewalk, not taking into account the minimum 1 meter needed for pedestrians to walk by (as required by law). SOLUTION: We proposed to make that distance tangible: by making the flyer 1 meter long. This way car drivers, who usually threw away…