Special project, Romanian Police

Special project for Romanian Police PROBLEM: Car drivers park their car on the sidewalk, not taking into account the minimum 1 meter needed for pedestrians to walk by (as required by law). SOLUTION: We proposed to make that distance tangible: by making the flyer 1 meter long. This way car drivers, who usually threw away…

Do-Good Factory OOH

Help them help themselves! Awareness campaign for an NGO, whose main focus is about helping socially vulnerable people, by offering them jobs in paper recycling micro-centers. By buying various products from the Factory, you are helping hundreds of socially vulnerable people, have a better life!

McDonald’s Non Stop OOH

Stop by McDrive anytime you want! The campaign is meant to attract McDonald’s customers towards the McDrive services. Since McDrive is open any time, in other words, at any given hour, a parallel was used – between the phases of the moon, and the act of consuming a generic McDonald’s product.