BASF campaign

Head: Journey into the heart of innovation Explores the BASF micro-technology!

An awareness campaign for Fortifikat/Terapia-Sunpharma

Fortifikat forte – A liver damage and dietary supplements to outline the idea that the “age” of the liver is usually bigger than the age of that person if you abuse yourself with alcohol, cigarettes and lack of rest.

Rock FM

Show us how you’re keeping rock alive! Send a picture of your own collection and we’ll complete it with a chopper! Image Campaign for Rock FM. You can win a rock symbol – a Harley D, only if you show how dedicated you are to this genre.

Cannes Short Film Corner

Poster for the Romanian shorts section, “Short Film Corner”, at the Cannes Film Festival, 2008 edition. By joining the first and last shots of a film, a clear and suggestive representation of the “short” idea was found.

McDonald’s The Apple

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away! The campaign informs the customers, especially (with) kids, that the new McDo menu also includes fresh apples. Being targeted towards kids, promoting a healthy diet, the new McDo offer is helping them grow healthy and strong, with an apple a day. The text on the blackboard shows…

BWIN Campaign

See it written in the stars: 1-0 halftime score.  Image Campaign for the most well-known online sports bet agency: Bwin. The future isn’t a surprise, when you can read the following day’s results in the stars.


You can hide your hands… Or you can use Canespor Onichoset, the complete treatment against nail fungus, guaranteed to cure it in only six weeks! Promotional Campaign for a Bayer product, the most effective on the market!

Rosia Montana Gold Corporation

Posters for an itinerary exhibition, promoting local heritage objects related to mining – all in a large lobby campaign for the start of gold mining projects in Rosia Montana County.

Panorama Image Campaign

Sound insulation up to 45 decibels. Image campaign for a company, specialized in joinery and high quality carpentry, with the latest insulation technology. With the new Panorama products and services, objects that produce very loud noise, now seem made of wool.