Ciuc 4Pack

Ciuc x4 pack. No matter how you twist and turn it, it’s still the smartest choice. An analogy of the Rubik cube, that speaks for itself: the new 4pack is what smart people pick.

Citroen Eco Friendly – REMAT program

  Citroen Eco System – A cleaner wirld, a better car!   Auto park renewal campaign, through the REMAT (car recycling) program. If you bring your old car to REMAT, you receive a discount ticket from authorized dealers. A new aquisition from Citroen is as nonpolluting as a leaf, compared to the old car.  

Effie Poster

2 > 1. Awarding ideas that work. Making of a poster for the 6th edition of EFFIE, the competition that awards sales efficiency. In a competition based on numbers and statistics, a mathematical formula – clear and undeniable, speaks for itself.

Mc Donald’s

Be a Star! A T-shirt Star. McDonald’s Romania 15 years anniversary campaign. The customers are encouraged to create an original t-shirt design related to the event, the winner being made into a true star, for a day. The Skier McDonald’s loves winter sports. Travel Magasine print. For a natural association of the brand with winter…

Unilever – Choose Life

Don’t swallow (don’t believe) everything you hear Informational Consumers’ campaign, about the fact that Unilever products are healthy and contain no additives. The consumers are urged not to allow themselves to be tricked by false messages, and be correctly informed. The visual is based on a word play: don’t swallow everything you hear, enter the…

Lipton Six Pack

Cool off whenever you want to. You got six doses of Lipton Ice Tea in the new Cooling Kit! Promotional Campaign. Viewed from above, the six doses can be associated with the clocks, that place the time factor into the layout: you can cool off at any time throughout the day! Six times more refreshing….

CEZ Romania – Recycling Campaign

    Population information campaign, about the importance of selective waste recycling. The prints show abnormal combinations of various categories of waste, as opposed to the normality of selective recycling. Don’t mix fruit and glass. They belong in the Grey container. Don’t mix plastic and fruit. It belongs in the yellow container.

Alpha Bank Poster

Try your luck with reason, not with me. New customer acquisition campaign by Alpha Bank, one of the best ranked banks in Romania. An old symbol of luck was debunked – the horseshoe, depicted in a fun way, as a simple object with limited usage.

Peugeot Posters

Second Hand with No Surprises Customer information programme. The second hand automobiles from Peugeot leave no room for bad surprises: the dealer informs the buyer of the technical state of the car, as well as its full history.   Peugeot 206 Roy Lichtenstein. A forever fashionable classic. Promotional campaign for a model that has reached the…

Do Good Factory Poster

Awareness campaign for an NGO, whose main focus is to help socially vulnerable and challenged people, by offering them jobs in paper recycling micro-centers. By buying various products from the Factory, you are helping hundreds of these individuals, in their quest for a better life!

Mirinda Poster for the release of the new Red Grape Flavour

“It’s a MUST! Try the new red Grape Mirinda” Two-way romanian/english word play: the Romanian word “must”, refers to a type of grape juice, obtained in the first stages of the wine making process. This sets a clear image of the product, in the consumer’s mind.