Ciuc supports Live Music Campaign

Ciuc Music. Live Music. At the beginning of Concerts season, the consumer must not forget that Ciuc sponsors over 80% of the concerts that take place in Romania. Having “Born to be Wild” as a soundtrack, a series of activities take place, depicting the Ciuc target audience, all connected through music.

SuperBingo Metropolis Campaign – The Husband

The new SuperBingo Metropolis season starts on Easter. As soon as he’s informed that he won, over the phone, the husband tells the wife to pack her bags, for an exotic trip, then clarifies: He’s taking the trip, she’s taking herself and her bags, to her mother.

SuperBingo Metropolis Campaign – The Secretary

The new SuperBingo Metropolis season starts on Easter. A secretary’s revenge, as soon as she receives a phonecall, informing her that she won: She draws a Hitler moustache on the boss’s face, before an important meeting, under the pretext of “cleaning him”.

SuperBingo Metropolis Campaign – The barbershop

The new SuperBingo Metropolis season starts on Easter. TV spot series, depicting the extreme consequences one’s winnings can have upon others: The barber reads in the newspaper, over the cranky customer’s shoulder, that he won – and takes revenge by shaving Bingo balls on the back of his head.

Ciuc Campaign: Football

Ciuc. Only taste matters. A beer in a thousand.  A Beer Institute sequel: The teacher points out the repercussions of choosing a beer based on the fact it promotes football: since you’re a mere amateur, you can either have an accident, or make a fool out of yourself, in front of your friends.

Ciuc Campaign: The Promotion

Ciuc. Only taste matters. A beer in a thousand. The Ciuc Beer Institute (an advertising invention, obviously), is the only institute where you can learn the strategy of choosing the best of beers. There, the Teacher shows the students what can happen if they choose a beer based on promotions (smooth attack to the competitor…

Ciuc Radler Launch – First step

Radler, from Ciuc. 37% beer, 63% true lemonade. Only taste matters. Highest lemon content on the market. This phase announces the future product launch.

Do-Good Factory OOH

Help them help themselves! Awareness campaign for an NGO, whose main focus is about helping socially vulnerable people, by offering them jobs in paper recycling micro-centers. By buying various products from the Factory, you are helping hundreds of socially vulnerable people, have a better life!

BWIN Campaign

See it written in the stars: 1-0 halftime score.  Image Campaign for the most well-known online sports bet agency: Bwin. The future isn’t a surprise, when you can read the following day’s results in the stars.


You can hide your hands… Or you can use Canespor Onichoset, the complete treatment against nail fungus, guaranteed to cure it in only six weeks! Promotional Campaign for a Bayer product, the most effective on the market!