Peugeot Posters

Second Hand with No Surprises

Customer information programme. The second hand automobiles from Peugeot leave no room for bad surprises: the dealer informs the buyer of the technical state of the car, as well as its full history.

peugeot sarpe peugeot liliac

Peugeot 206 Roy Lichtenstein. A forever fashionable classic.

Promotional campaign for a model that has reached the end of its career – Peugeot 206, turned into a living classic due to its very high sales records.

Starting from the assumption that being a classic actually means being fashionable, we opted for a stylistic reference to the works of Roy Lichtenstein, an iconic pop art representative who recycled old cartoons of the 40’s and 50’s era, infusing them with a new vitality.

peugeot popart

Peugeot destock campaign – Bring a toy car, in exchange for a real one.

A program designed to attract potential clients into the Peugeot showrooms, for a better knowledge of the current offers. In order to make the campaign as attractive as possible, the dealer offers a discount for certain select models, to those customers who will bring in any toy car, in the form of a trade: The customer gets the discounted car while the dealer collects the toys.

peugeot jucaria

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