Lay’s Duel Campaign

The Last Crisp

Lay’s Crisps are the only true crisps, so much so that you’d do just about anything to Lay your hands on the last one… we chose Puya and Cabral, two Romanian showbiz stars, to stage the creative idea.

They race in tricking each other, hoping to win the last Lay’s.


The Seasonal Flavors’ Duel

After they have dueled for the last Lay’s in the bowl, Cabral and Puya had received a parcel from farm M & P Agro, Covasna County, one of the PepsiCo partner farms, where the delicious potatoes used for Lay’s recipes, come from.

There, they battle for the largest and most beautiful potatoes, which have become limited edition Seasonal Lay’s Crisps – Mushrooms and Sour cream VS Garlic and Yogurt.


Lay’s Flavors Split the Country!

Cabral recommends Lay’s Mushrooms and Sour Cream, while Puya recommends Lay’s Yogurt and Garlic. Each claims that his flavor is the best!

Taste them both and become a Mushroom County official citizen with Cabral, or Garlic County with Puya.

Support your favorite, for the whole country to see which is the most popular flavor of Seasonal Lay’s. Follow the example of the two “Mayors”:


The Winner


Support Cabral


Andreea Ibacka in the Lay’s Duel




The Couch Ep. 1


Support Puya



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